About BME Systems





BME Systems was incorporated in 1987 in Severna Park, Maryland by former employees and students of Johns Hopkins University to provide assistance to researchers in academia who could not afford a full-time engineering staff.

     In the 1990s biotechnology and the entire biomedical industry began to surge with commercial promise and our efforts shifted to assisting customers in these industries. In 1988 the company moved to Landsdown, Maryland and in 1997 to it's current facility in the Canton area of Baltimore City.

BME Systems managing principal is Mark Longerbeam.

Our company beliefs include:

  If it doesn't make sense to the bottom line, it doesn't make sense. The bottom line for a researcher is the productivity of his or her laboratory. For a biotech start-up company the goal is often to get to production with the dollars available. For established companies the bottom line may mean cost reduction while increasing employee satisfaction through the automation of mundane tasks. We know that the success of our systems is not solely justified by the fact that they work and are reliable. Their cost must make sense for your budget and your goals.

    Never reinvent if a good commercial solution already exists. This may seem obvious. You can often search the Internet to find the principle component of a solution yourself. However, we know through experience that a successful system usually requires the integration of several components. We will always recommend commercially available solutions whenever it fits your needs. But whether you need an ad hoc solution for and experiment or a system to archive your data for decades, you can also count on us to identify the parameters of your task that may not be best fulfilled by off-the-shelf solutions. Nevertheless our systems will always use available components when they provide the best cost-benefit.

    There is significant value to our clients in education.  You are intimately familiar with the core techniques available for your science. But often the best solution requires tools and components in electronics, computing and information science that that are unfamiliar to you. We believe that you need to concentrate on the science and production and need a working knowledge of how the information tools relate to your process. We can give you this working knowledge in terms that are familiar to you. You can do what you do best with the appropriate level of understanding for the system we help you create.

    Satisfied customers result from systems that work reliably and can be easily maintained.      Many times we can design and recommend a range of solutions to our customers, each with a different cost. However, we will not provide any solution that does not meet our standards for reliability and maintainability.

    The best path to a successful system is up-front consideration and documentation.   Our clients are often impressed by the effort we put into system definition. This will include in depth interviews with the people with whom the system will interact and documentation that defines the solution we recommend or provide.

    Always shine the backs of your shoes.... because its the last thing people will see.      It is no secret that constructing the systems we provide is fun for us. On the other hand, the documentation is much less fun. But we feel it is absolutely essential when providing a product that is expected to last. Many of our systems and even programs are fifteen years old and are used daily. This would not be possible without the excellent documentation we provide. We believe that's value.