Medical and Diagnostic Equipment Prototyping





 Core to our biomedical engineering expertise is the ability to transduce, store, display and analyze biopotential signals. Over the past decade BME Systems has created dozens of instrumentation products, most of which have been developed for other companies. BME maintains prototyping facilities where sensitive analog techniques can be matched with embedded microprocessor-based and digital signal processing circuitry to create functional prototypes for medical and diagnostic equipment. These devices can be used for concept demonstration or for animal research.

BME Systems uses SolidWorks, the most advanced tool available for 3D modelling. Used in conjuction with 3-Dimensional printing, we have produced conceptual prototypes in a matter of hours.

To view 3D drawing files we create, visit the Solidworks EDrawing download page here:

Download eDrawings - 2D CAD Viewer and 3D CAD Viewer and Publisher

Why should BME develop your preclinical instrumentation?

    BME can save precious startup and R & D funds by reducing the number of personnel required on your staff to get an instrumentation project through the concept and testing phase of development. Though experienced in many areas of instrumentation development, we have formed partnerships with other firms with specific expertise that extend our capabilities even further. If your prototype is in the research phase, we can couple your hardware to software data collection systems that monitor your biopotential signal and other correlated signals that are required for analysis.

    Contact us for information on how we can help you develop your medical equipment prototype.