Process Monitoring and Control





316L Stainless Fermentor Retrofit Design

     BME Systems can develop systems to monitor, control and display information from the existing scientific instruments connected to your fermentors, bioreactors or other biological processes using industry standard hardware and software. If your current instruments do not have ready signal outputs, we can make the necessary modifications or recommend appropriate replacement sensors and controller/displays.

    Why is BME Systems the right choice for integrating our biological process monitoring and control?

    BME Systems has a strong background in the instrumentation principles required to transduce signals produced by and necessary for living organisms.

    We use industry standard process hardware including sensors, programmable controllers and software tools including iFix by Intellution, GE Fanuc, Rockwell Automation, Automation Direct and Lab Windows by National Instruments all of which are used in many industries to create robust collection/control systems.

    We can store information from your system on a corporate server or make the data from one or more processes available at selected desktops anywhere within the corporation.

    Because we know that the value of the research and pilot plant data is realized when it is organized, analyzed, grouped and presented at the desktop. This can be done using well structured database and analysis tools fed directly by the information coming from the process monitoring/control system. We can develop and integrate each of these systems so that the data from your process is presented in a clear form with little or no intervention.

    Contact us for information on how we can help you monitor and control your biological processes.