Some of the solutions we have created for our clients:

Corporate carbohydrate chemistry research database

PLC-based vapor control system for EtOH administration to animals for alcoholism research

Prototype for laser-based detection and imaging of subcutaneous vasculature

  Integrated fermentation process monitoring: 40 fermentors, 10 different models and manufacturers

 Telemetric intracranial pressure monitor

  Microbiological isolate collection managment and production system: multiple sites, 50 users, 100,000 cultures

  Automated imaging of Arabidopsis stages

  Specification and development for the robotic automation of laboratory assays

  Peptide tertiary structure analysis and prediction using neural networks

  High-speed single-cell drug delivery system

  Eight channel multielectrode recording and discrimination system for cortical neurophysiology research

  Automated image processing and analysis of Arabidopsis biomaterial parmeters with complex background

  International database development for human gene mapping data

  Data collection and control for large scale protein chromatography

  Scleral suction unit for intraocular blood pressure measurement

  Data collection and user interface for medical device research trials

  Quantitative analysis and computer assisted mapping of brain sections

  Automatic discrimination of excitatory postsynaptic potentials

  Axon density analysis of brain section images

  Database for the analysis of children with closed head injuries

  Rapid-mix, fast-freeze controller for electron microscopy sample preparation

  Automated analysis and database logging of extracellular compound action potential trials

  Numerical taxonomy: code generation for the identification of bacterial taxa

  Programmable cortical microstimulation system

  Vibratactile stimulation system (linear motor)

  Stainless steel fermentor design and fabrication

  Custom driver for OPC communication to digital fermentation feed pumps